Digital Campaigns

Starbucks Bulgaria

18 Sep 2017

V Consulting is managing the official Facebook & Instagram profiles and YouTube channel of Starbucks Bulgaria since June 2017. Till...
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Burger King Digital

18 Sep 2017

V Consulting is managing the social media profiles of Burger King for Bulgaria and Czech Republic since 2012. The platforms include...
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Tokuda Bank

18 Sep 2017

Tokuda Bank’s social media profiles in Facebook and LinkedIn are managed by V Consulting. The main objective while creating the...
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100 grammes de sucre - Austrian web site of 100 grama sladki

02 Jun 2016

V Consulting created a web site for 100 grama sladki`s ship in Viena, Austria. The site contains the full range of offered products,...
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First YouTube Campaigns for BURGER KING® Bulgaria

28 Apr 2016

The digital team of V-Consulting carried the first YouTube campaigns for the international fast food chain BURGER KING® in Bulgaria....
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Web site development for City Mark Art Center

10 Jan 2016

One of the newest event places in Sofia - City Mark Art Center, entrusted the creation of their web site to V Consulting. Our team took care of...
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Facebook campaign for SASA Asian Restaurant & Bar

01 Oct 2015

In September, the digital team of V Consulting took over the management of the Facebook page of one of the best Asian fusion restaurants in...
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YouTube campaign for BURGER KING® Czech Republic

16 Sep 2015

For the launch of a new product - Tripple Big King, V Consulting team adapted advertising video clip and started a YouTube campaign in Czech...
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V Consulting developed a web site for "Business alternatives" program

25 Aug 2015

"Business alternatives"  program is an initiative for creating financial independence, funded by foundation ...
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Facebook campaign for Lidia Tours ‘My Favorite Trip’

03 Nov 2014

Mechanism of the game: Users had to enter a specialized facebook application on the fan page of Lidia Tours, upload a photo of their most...
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Facebook game ‘I love …, because …’

14 Feb 2014

Mechanism of the game: Users have to enter a specialized facebook application on the fan page of Piccadilly and to share their inmost...
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"My favourite summer sport" – facebook game of Sport Depot

20 Aug 2013

Regulations In order to participate in the game the facebook users must like the facebook page of Sport Depot. Competitors must upload a...
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Facebook game “Are you a fan of Piccadilly?”

01 Aug 2013

Regulations All facebook users must like the facebook page of Piccadilly Supermarkets in order to participate in the game. It is conducted...
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Photo Contest “Find the Whopper® in Burgas”

19 Jul 2013

Regulations Promoter dressed as the famous Whopper® can be found in key areas of the city of Burgas (in the center of the city, in...
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St. Valentine's Day with Piccadilly

26 Feb 2013

Application “Share with us a picture of the most romantic place in Bulgaria” Regulations Users have to...
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Win a Burger

20 Jan 2013

Application with а game “Win a Burger” Regulations The user has to “like” the fan page in order to be able...
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Facebook Game Sport Depot

15 Jan 2013

Viral campaign for Sport Depot Regulations Users have to “like” the page in order to receive the right to take part...
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Together At the Arena Cinemas

09 Jan 2010

Social Case Study “Together is funnier” Regulations This is a continuation of the campaign “Snap the...
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Snap Your Class

21 Oct 2009

Social Case Study “Snap your class” Regulations Teenaged students have to make pictures of their class and send the...
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