"The work of the agency was connected to media relations, strategic planning of our communication activities, and preparation of the visual identity and graphic design of advertising materials. During this period V Consulting prepared all the basic informational texts for the official Internet site and the company’s representative brochure, designed the brand book of AES Bulgaria; the entire visual line for the company’s performance; logos, posters and advertising visions of a number of initiatives of AES Bulgaria, including the branding of the central office. The work of the agency was creative and professional and that resulted in a better awareness and positive publicity of our company."
AES Bulgaria

"We rely on V Consulting for providing full marketing services on both markets (Bulgaria and the Czech Republic) as well as market coordination for Slovenia and Romania. The agency has a great share for the successful positioning of the BURGER KING® brand in all above mentioned countries. Next to the creative part of the job, like making of TV commercials and managing the brand digital presence, it took the entire communications with local franchises and supply chain, and the monitoring of competitors’ performance."

"Piccaddilly Ltd. has been working with V Consulting in their capacity of a public communications consultant since 2007. In the framework of our cooperation the agency has served us implementing a wide range of activities among which elaboration and implementation of communications strategies on an annual basis or upon concrete assignments, media and public organizations relations, media monitoring, events’ management and social media management."

"We selected V Consulting for our consultant because of their smart and flexible services, their team’s creativity and the good media contacts they have. The Agency became quickly aware of our expectations and tastes and currently produces all our radio and video clips and our high quality advertisement materials." 
Sport Depot