Opening of HUMANIC store in PLOVIDV PLAZA mall - the first store of the Austrian chain in Plovdiv and the first opening of a new site since 2012.

With a lot of dancing, spring colors and happy clients we opened the first HUMANIC store in Plovdiv. The organization of the event was entirely entrusted, we organized an announcement campaign in Plovdiv, the region and on the spot in the shopping center.

The ad mix included outdoor advertising, radio advertising, internal announcements in the shopping mall with a specially developed vision for the largest LED screen in Bulgaria that counted the days remaining until the opening, and we created the event.Our promotional teams distributed flyers across the main pedestrian area in the center of Plovdiv - Knyaz Alexander I Street to communicate the upcoming opening, as well as HUMANIC's attractive suggestions in the days after the opening.

The most popular interest was the lottery we organized on the spot in the newly opened shop - every visited HUMANIC store in PLOVDIV PLAZA only on the opening day - April 24, 2019, received a coupon to participate in the winning raffle for a full year - on one pair each month. Lucky was pulled out the next day - April 25 in the presence of a notary.

The guests of the opening took care of Latino dancers from the Latin dance club in Plovdiv, the generously poured champagne, many balloons and the wide smiles of the hosts.