Tokuda Bank's upgrated online banking campaign

11 Jan 2021

In the situation of caution and limited advertising budgets, we have developed a strategy for promoting the upgraded online banking of Tokuda...
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Tokuda Bank‘s Christmas souvenirs and the exquisite connection between Bulgaria and Japan

12 Dec 2020

We try to offer ideas for Christmas gifts that will appeal not only to ourcustomersbut also to the people who will receive and use them. And...
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Interesting and stylish set of corporate calendars for Terazid

05 Dec 2020

We continue to develop the campaign of "Terazid" - "The Eternal Bulgarian Symbols",each year promoting significant or...
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Tokuda Bank's Online Mortgage Campaign

01 Nov 2020

When you havean attractive product, but a small budget, it does not necessarily mean that you can not runan effective and visible advertising...
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Stylish campaign AW2020-2021 for CCC Shoes and bags

28 Sep 2020

In the office of V-Consulting we are all very stylish now! We launched the AW2020 campaign for our client CCC Shoes and Bags and...
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It's summer and we make fun with photo and video sessions for our clients

18 Aug 2020

We keep the visual presentation of our customers always up to high standard. That is why we often organize thematic photo sessions of...
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Filming a Series of Product Videos for Terazid Started

25 Jun 2020

We started filming a video series of Terazid product videos, which in a professional way show the ways of application and the advantages of...
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"Together in Your Rhythm" with Tokuda Bank

23 Jun 2020

The new situation after a 2-month lockdown required a new concept and a new approach in the communication of banking products. After the...
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